Our team consists in young professionals with lots of experience in all fields of music recording business.



     Ivan Kirishev

Sound Director And Music Composer


Ivan Kirishev is born on 15 August, 1961 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. He has studied in the Art Academy in Plovdiv.
From 1987 to 1995 he is conductor in the orchestra of the Ensemble for folk songs and dances “Rodopa” – Smolyan.
With the producing company “Bulgarian art” he works with the most famous for the time stagings of “La Strada” theatre – “Romeo and Juliet”, “Marmalade”, “Waiting for Godot” and ect.
He is author of the music for many theatre stagings, documentaries, dancing spectacles, music and sound design of tv shows, sound effects for the movie “Operation Shmenti Kapeli”, sound editor of some tv productions for BNT and Nova tv channels and author of the music of many tv and radio spots



     Ivo Ignatov

Composer And Founder


Ivo Ignatov is born in 1978 in Belogradchik. In the music class at school he played trumpet and played in a big wind orchestra. Studied at New Bulgarian University as music composer. He has a huge history as an artist  on stage, he played in different bands on keyboards for more than 17 years. He specializes in composing music for all kinds of movies and commercials. Composes music for different artists, as also he makes arrangements.


     Radoslava Neykova



Radoslava Neykova is born in 1986 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Studied in New Bulgarian University.From 2004 she is an executive producer and music editor of almost all call tv shows and tv games in Bulgaria till present. Worked in cooperation with many tv channels in our country and also on successful tv projects in Latvia, Macedonia, Russia and took part in the creating of many tv and radio spots.


     Blagoslava Ignatova

Production Director


Blagoslava Ignatova is born in 1983 in Belogradchik, Bulgaria. She has studied in Veliko Turnovo University and Sofia University.
She works as a production director and sound assistant in one of the best rated tv channels in Bulgaria – Nova tv.
She has lots of experience in Voice over recording and has worked on many projects, movies, documentaries and tv shows.


     Dimitar Ignatov

Sound Designer, Editor And Founder


Dimitar Ignatov is born in 1982 in Belogradchik. He studies first in musical class in the middle school, where he plays clarinet and saxophone. Then he graduates in New Bulgarian University as Sound Director. Works in TV for many years and takes part in different Bulgarian and foreign projects. He’s also been part of many tv formats as reality shows, talk shows, news, tv games and ect. He has worked in Sport channel, in national tv channel and many other. In Blackbrosssound except founder, he’s also Sound Director and editor.