How do I Backup my Website?

We often get asked the same question and unfortunately it’s extremely hard for us to answer this.

Each hosting company has a different way you backup your websites.

So we’ve put together a collection of common places we’ve seen buyers hosting at and have compiled a list of links that will take you to their FAQ and Knowledgebase pages that will further explain how to complete a full website backup.

If you do not find your hosting company listed here, or still uncertain how to back your website up, we would encourage you to contact your hosting company for instructions on how to perform your own website backups, specific to the company you host with.

If you host at the following places, click the links for more details:

We’re more than happy to search out other hosting companies details for performing backups and adding them to this list. Please use the comment form below to request which hosting companies you’d like added to this list, or better, use the Support Forums and request our assistance there and it too will be added to this list afterward.

Additionally, there are services out there that will perform backups for you. Most of these are third-party services and we cannot vouch for their accuracy, nor reliability. We also know there are many WordPress plugins that will backup your website as well. If you choose to take one of these routes, we recommend you do your own research and search for reviews.

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  1. Using these comments we cannot guarantee an immediate response. We would recommend you use the Support Forums and register if you’ve not already. Go to and we’ll be happy to look up the details from the company you host with if they have available those details online.

    Otherwise, as the article suggests, please contact your hosting provider.

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