Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 5.0.5

Version released: 5.0.5
Date: December 19th, 2014

Update Type: Non-critical – Maintenance Update

Today marks the release of version 5.0.5.

We feel confident in saying this will be our last ‘bugfix’ update released in the 5.0 series and have all of you buyers to thank for your patience & help.

The 5.0 series of our theme marks the release of our responsive theme. It was a big update coming from version 4.1.6 (our last stable non-responsive version) to what is being released today as version 5.0.5. We anticipated some issues when first releasing 5.0 and we thank you for your patience and help while fixing them.

Updating Versions

IMPORTANT that you remember to BACKUP FIRST before you update!

We cannot be held responsible for any issues. If there are issues, we encourage a backup for safe keep.

That being said, updating your version of KingSize WordPress should be relatively simple and straightforward.

Using an FTP program of your choice (ie., FileZilla it’s free!) log into your hosting environment.

Navigation to your WordPress installation and find “/wp-content/themes/” and inside it “/kingsize/”.

Assuming you’ve downloaded the updated version, you want to open the folder you download and navigate to:

DESKTOP -> KingSize WordPress 5.0.5 -> Template Files -> 1. Version 5.0.5 (NEW)

Inside this folder you will find two folders labeled as “kingsize”. One is zipped, the other is not.

It’s quicker to upload the zipped version but also requires you taking additional steps such as logging into your hosting account control panel, going to File Manager and then locating that zipped folder you’ve uploaded and then extract it to overwrite the existing “/kingsize/” folder. The already extracted folder on your desktop can be uploaded to overwrite the existing folder in your “/themes/” directory but will take longer to overwrite those individual files. The method preferred is up to you.

Once you’ve overwritten that existing “/kingsize/” folder you should now be running the latest version.

To confirm, log into your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and check the screenshot version.

Change Log

The following file changes were made in this release:

  • header.php
  • loop.php
  • page.php
  • single.php
  • single-portfolio.php
  • style.css
  • template-blog.php
  • template-colorbox.php
  • template-fancybox.php
  • template-galleria.php
  • template-prettyphoto.php
  • /css/custom.css
  • /css/style.css
  • /js/custom.js
  • /lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /lib/shortcodes.php
  • /lib/gallery/gallery_shortcodes.php
  • /lib/slider/slider-posttype.php

Bugs & Fixes

Here are some explanations to the bugs and issues that were addressed in this update:

[table type=”zebra_vertical”]

BUGS & ISSUES ADDRESSED STATUS Galleria would break the layout when used on pages/posts with sidebars. RESOLVED 1/2 Column alignment issues when stacked atop of one another. RESOLVED Slider fix for missing database table error “kingsize_photos”. RESOLVED Invalid condition with page sidebars making global options non-functional when used. RESOLVED Styling issue with no padding added beneath meta data. RESOLVED Styling issue with post titles not being fullwidth (100%). RESOLVED The body background was not extending full height and would stop at end of content area. RESOLVED Sticky posts were not showing at the top of posts when using the Blog shortcode. RESOLVED Tab shortcode was breaking when using special characters within the tab title. RESOLVED When auto play was enabled for video backgrounds it would cause an error and not load. RESOLVED Removed the h1 tags wrapped around the mobile logo as it was disrupting SEO. RESOLVED Removed the “title” tags from the logo as those were not present in earlier versions. RESOLVED The Gallery / Portfolio Titles and Descriptions via Theme Options weren’t disabling. RESOLVED Updated the jQuery script related to Gallery mouseover effects for description details. RESOLVED Sidebars when disabled for blogs / posts still showed inside the archives. RESOLVED


Bugs Reports & Buyer Support

Are you having troubles with your installed theme?

Have you discovered what appears to be a bug or issue in your theme?

Please report them using our Buyer Support Forums!

We will always address reported bugs and issues as a priority; releasing patches as soon as possible!

Buyer support is available Monday through Friday, with a guaranteed 48hr response time or sooner.

Let us know how we can help you! We take a lot of pride in buyer support!

Installations, Setup & Developments

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