Gallery inside Post Loop

It’s possible to add Galleries to be shown in the Blog pages.

A lot of buyers ask, how can they show more in a post excerpt?

[img_gallery id=”191″ type=”prettyphoto” layout=”2″ orderby=”random” order=”” description=”” ]

It’s really simple but requires you enabling ‘Rich Text Formatting’ (RTF).

This can be done via ‘Theme Options >> Pages / Posts’.

If using the Blog Shortcode you enable it via the shortcode itself.

It’s important to note that using RTF will disable default excerpts.

This means you have too add the ‘MORE’ tag to your posts yourself.

Otherwise when posting your post, it will show the full post content.

This is handy if you’re wanting to show it all, or customize your excerpts based on the content being posted. It also gives you the ability to display videos in the post loop as an alternative to the standard featured image, but be sure when creating that post you do not include a featured image as it will then show as a featured image is intended to.

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  1. This is an example comment. The above content shows an example of a Gallery being inserted with the use of the Gallery Shortcode. As well, the background image is unique to this page (not using the global image). You can also enable or disable sidebars on a per-page / post basis and much more!

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